Cabin Fever (Covid-19) depicts the isolation, boredom, and darkness brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. Needing a creative outlet, I turned to capturing the ephemeral shadows appearing on the walls of my home. I chose to use my cell phone rather than my DSLR camera because it was close at hand; the shadows were ever-changing and capturing them was initially a mere diversion. The spontaneity of this approach was liberating.

The creative act of photography was an escape during the adversity of isolation and a way of transforming these oppressive moments. These black and white images are reminiscent of silhouettes in which the negative and positive spaces create dramatic effects with shape and light. Signs of beauty and hope are inherent in these abstract shadows as well as signs of the harrowing reality of being cut-off from your normal life and interactions with others. The tension running through this work is a validation of an emotionally charged experience. Ultimately, the fleeting magic and mystery of the shadows provide a surprising solace that even in tough times a person can experience a solemn, yet uplifting beauty.

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